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Robby's Villa

Robby Villegas
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Hi. I visit my LJ corner only sporadically. If Chauncey Gardiner had lived today instead of Back Then, he'd have said "I can't blog". And so it is with me, so far.

My days, or nights, given my nocturnal leanings, usually feature pleasant, simple stuff like ice skating, photography, sitting at a cafe striving for deep thoughts about computer software or mathematics, watching movies, going on a long walk, listening to music and dancing like nobody's watching, throwing an aerobie, flying a kite, and hanging out with friends and girlfriend doing a lot of the aforementioned stuff.

Besides LiveJournal, here are some other on-line villas of mine that I visit more or less infrequently:


Orkut (I rarely bother, its lustrous heyday long gone)
dotnode (not in a very long time, unfortunately)
MySpace (hardly used, so far)

Yahoo IM and AIM (I use them like phones -- I'm happy to log in for a planned chat)